A disturbing letter from Verisign


I apologise for the quality of these scans. I will scan and post better ones later.

Front Page

It says "renewal" half a dozen times, and adds "transfer" only twice.

Back Page

The text was too small to scan well, but it should be readable.


Top, the postage paid return envelopes

Bottom, the front of the envelope it came in. The return address on the back reads Expiration Department, 200 Berwyn Park, Berwyn, PA 19312


Note that "scarydevil.com" has never been registered with Verisign, and was renewed with OpenSRS weeks before this arrived, so there is no basis whatsoever for calling this a "renewal"


Court order... Verisign has been ordered to stop this campaign.

Second Lawsuit... This time on behalf of the folks who were fooled by the campaign. If you were tricked into signing up, give Weiss & Yourman a call.

Third Lawsuit... Boy are these boys popular!

Another disturbing message from Verisign... I discovered this in a "popunder" window hiding under another Browser window. Why would they have me logged in inside a popunder ad? This is probably benign, but it's certainly nothing to inspire trust.