From Computer Privacy Digest Wed, 22 Nov 95.
The really amazing thing is that people have actually patented things this obvious. Kids, I was joking, OK?
From: peter* (Peter da Silva)
Date: 22 Nov 1995 15:41:12 GMT
Subject: Re: Unsolicited email Advertising
Organization: Network/development platform support, NMTI

    Bill <haz1*> wrote: Nice idea, but no cigar.
    Searching the last few lines of a post for any string beginning and
    ending with whitespace and including an "*" sign is no harder than
    searching the first few lines for that.

Make your sig block look like this:

foo* bar* yeltzin* celine* bob*
bar* yeltzi   Peter da Silva, Super Genius foo*
yeltzin*kremlin.go   peter*          bar*
celine* bob* foo* bar* yeltzin*

I have thought up a much better mechanism for preventing mass-mailings
getting to you, without blocking *individuals* responding to your

	Message-ID: <aa.086A90905B*>

When the Message-ID contains some hashed secret, you can have your mail
filter toss all messages that don't contain that secret in References
or In-Reply-To. If someone replies to you via a mail program or
newsreader they're supposed to include your message-id in that line.

To help correspondants who have broken software, you can even describe
the mechanism in your .signature. Even if the spammers know what you're
doing it's more trouble than it's worth for them to spam you, since
they'd have to hand-craft a separate email message targeted at you.

Maybe I should patent the idea and email everyone on the net telling
them about it, so they'd have to pay me royalties to actually use

Naaaaah. I'll toss it in the public domain. Go for it.

Another nifty idea, this one designed to let you use "mailto" URLs
safely.  You need to be able to run server-side code for this: have
your site generate a mailto: URL containing a one-time address that's
valid for a short period.  That way if they put it in a list you'll get
only a single message, and then only if they use it right after

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